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I don't know any other way of understanding myself and the world around me, other than playing, wondering, and constantly searching for new mediums of expression.

Conceptual Design/ Branding Commissions for Art/Architecture using Gen Ai

Over the past two years, I have been fortunate enough to integrate my continually evolving multimedia software with the rapidly advancing AI tools. This integration has enabled me to work on dozens of projects around the world, spanning product design, conceptual art, movies, music video clips, product branding, and several other areas, across three different continents.

Digital Art/ Exhibitions

With my recent work being viewed online by hundreds of millions around the world, I have been fortunate enough to attract the attention of many curators and institutes. My work has been physically exhibited in cities such as Los Angeles, Taipei, Austin, Sharjah, Rotterdam, and Valencia. I am expecting even more opportunities for physical exposure this year.


As a practitioner and one of the pioneers in integrating large Gen AI models into architectural philosophy, I am deeply concerned about the impact of AI on our lives and, by extension, on how we create what we create. However, this conversation often extends only to current practices and the status quo of design thinking. The discussions I've had, which have expanded to both online and in-person lectures and talks with students and professionals, are crucial. I believe these conversations are essential in overseeing how we develop the tools that will undoubtedly determine the future of both our species and our planet.

Ai applications in Architecture Consultations/ Workshops

Generative AI is a tough and competitive market, with new tools being developed at an unprecedented speed. It's a daunting job to stay ahead and find meaningful ways to utilize these new tools in architectural practice. Staying on top of all new developments is a crucial part of what I do. I believe it's imperative to share these tools with other creatives and professionals through private and public workshops. Additionally, providing consultations to design studios and offering guidance on how to utilize these tools in ways that match their practice is also essential

Furniture/Product Design

Before gaining international fame, I used to do furniture and product design. Most of my furniture designs were created between 2014 and 2018, which were then fabricated and sold across the MENA region. I have been waiting for the right project to revisit this area, this time integrating AI into the designs. If you're interested in creating (and building) something extraordinary together, just let me know.

Computational Design

With over 10 years of experience in computational design across architectural design, product design, and digital fabrication, I have a substantial background in this field. I worked as a computational designer on the construction of the facade of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts in Downtown Los Angeles from March 2019 until the end of 2022. My skills in computational design have been, and continue to be, the key factors in how I approach new mediums and software, whether in art or design.

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