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Hassan is an architect, interdisciplinary designer, and conceptual artist, boasting 15 years of experience across various domains such as architecture, exhibition design, museography, furniture design, computational design, construction, and generative art. He has contributed to several built projects in cities like Cairo, Rome, Sharjah, and Doha. In 2016, he established his furniture design studio, creating over 20 finished pieces that were constructed, exhibited, and sold across the MENA region. In 2018, Hassan moved to the United States where he worked as a computational designer in the construction of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Arts in Los Angeles.

In the summer of 2022, Hassan founded HSNRGB Studio, an interdisciplinary design and art studio. Since its inception, he has been involved in a broad range of projects spanning the design and art spectrum in numerous countries. Central to his practice is a passion for blending identity, beauty, and technology. He advocates for a holistic view of art, challenging the modernist ideology of 'Form Follows Function', a concept that has significantly influenced the design world over the past decade. His work includes architecture, design, art exhibitions, storytelling, branding, heritage, and the promotion and education of generative art and human heritage. Hassan emphasizes the integration of technology with humanity and culture, aiming to raise awareness of their synergy.

Over the past two years, Hassan has deeply engaged with the exploration of new technologies like Generative AI and its impact on architecture. His work, reaching hundreds of millions globally, explores the connections between art, architecture, technology, and humanity. This includes projects ranging from conceptual art for movies and video clips to design and architectural branding. He focuses on creating a new, meaningful visual vocabulary through the use of generative AI, transcending traditional norms in the art and design industry. This approach has led to his work being exhibited and sold in cities such as Los Angeles, Austin, Taipei, Sharjah, Cairo, Valencia, New York, Rotterdam, Riyadh, Cologne, London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Alexandria, New Delhi, Paris, Doha, Rome, and San Francisco. Additionally, Hassan writes about the utilization of these new mediums in art and design and has been invited to participate in several conferences, panels, workshops, and lectures, contributing to research globally on the workings of Generative AI. His collaborations include notable names like Adobe, BMW Designworks, MIT, Cardiff University, and RIBA. His work is cited in various research studies, publications, and news outlets.

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