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The city is a Tram - 17th months note

"The City is a Tram" is a series that I have been passionately working on for the past 17 months. This project holds a special significance for me on multiple levels. Not only has it enriched my understanding of the world, technology, urban development, and city planning, along with socioeconomic metrics, but it has also facilitated a deep connection with my origins and identity. Through this series, I've been able to explore meanings that transcend my personal biases and the conventional definitions of success.

This series delves into the lives of a specific group of people, living in a distinct place and time. However, from a broader perspective, it speaks to the experiences of many who have lived through the ages, as we have come to define what "civilization" means throughout human history. It has enabled me to connect with individuals from various parts of the world, some of whom I've never met or have only met once. These are people who find a piece of home in Alexandria, just as others see reflections of their own homes in different cities. It's a spiritual connection that transcends space and time, an ambiguous link that unites us all and defines our humanity.

For much of my life, I've viewed the world and human intentions through a dark, morbid, and skeptical lens. However, this series, coupled with my work in AI, has sparked a newfound appreciation for the world around me. It has helped me accept a truth I've always known yet never allowed myself to fully believe: I am but a small part of a larger whole. Embracing this perspective has revealed a world of beauty that was previously hidden from my view. As I observe the images from this series unfold day by day, I feel as though I am merging into something greater, unconcerned with my role or control in the process. I perceive myself as a mere reaction in an intricate dance involving me, my memories, the city, and the entirety of human history.

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