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Hello World (not really!!).

I actually have an 11-year-old secret (public, so not so secret, I guess) blog where I bitch about life and everything. I will also be bitching about life and everything on God's green earth, but it will be a little relevant to design, technology, and the most forgotten element in most of the current and contemporary art and design practice, which is (ironically) human wellbeing (well, at least for most people, not those 1% who have the world revolve around them). I will try to keep this weekly, monthly, or whenever the fuck I have something that I might find worthwhile (nothing is worthwhile really, but note to self about capitalism as a driving force for dreadful consistency and what it means for the generic world of art appreciation).
Anyway, welcome to a part of my mind. Where my works that you definitely love or hate (you can't be indifferent, otherwise, you won't be reading this, right?!) would be partly translated into human language!

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